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“Andrija Štampar” Library


Rockefeller str. 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


+385 1 4590 181
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Monday – Thursday


Library Director

Lovela Machala Poplašen


Martina Čuljak

Jasna Reščić

Ksenija Župan


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Bibliografija knjižnice “Andrija Štampar”

History of the "Andrija Štampar" Library

The Andrija Štampar Library was founded in 1927. It is the oldest as well as the only public health library in Croatia and in this part of Europe.

That same year, the Hygienic Institute with the School of Public Health was founded, which at that time represented one institution.  The School Library was created by joining the library of the former National Bacteriological Institute of Dr. Gutschy, later referred to as the Epidemiological Institute, and the Rasuhin Institute of Social Medicine Library. All of these changes had an impact on the formation of the library collection.

The library collection was formed in collaboration with the Croatian National Institute of Public Health as co-owner.


It now contains over 50 000 books and periodicals in the following subjects: public health, microbiology, medical statistics and informatics, medical sociology and ecology. It is an open access library meaning anyone can access the collection. It has two reading rooms and a computer room.

The Library is also a WHO Documentation Center and a WHO Depository Library since 1992.

Patrons have access to all relevant databases, biomedical and health magazines funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports through the library’s IP address. Remote access to scientific databases is also available through the AAI @ EduHr identity.


The library provides open access to all those who need medical information. Access is provided through:

  • open stacks
  • rich reference collection
  • student book loans
  • interlibrary loan
  • photocopying and printing services
  • training of users on how to use information sources


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