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LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion in SEE


Over the last two decades the countries of South Eastern Europe (SEE) have been undergoing lengthy structural reforms as a consequence of the combined processes of economic transition, social change, administrative reform, post – conflict reconstruction, state – building and preparations for accession to the EU.
Moreover, these countries are located within a region that over the last twenty years has suffered from political instability, multiple economic crises, growing social polarization, ethnic fragmentation and increasing spatial inequalities, all ofwhich has been exacerbated by the ongoing economic crisis that began at the end of the last decade. Despite the importance of these issues, the study of social and economic inclusion and cohesion has not developed sufficiently in SEE in comparison with
Western Europe or the Central East European countries. In most SEE countries the consequences of growing social problem s have been underestimated and
social issues have generally remained in the shadow of other priorities on the policy agenda.


The conference aims to provide a forum for the presentation, dissemination and discussion of the latest research findings on topics related to questions of exclusion, inclusion and social and economic cohesion in South Eastern Europe and in countries in the wider ‘transition’ region. Researchers from all social science disciplines including social policy, political economy, economics, political science, public administration, sociology, and socio-legal studiesare invited to submit abstracts of their papers.