Naziv kolegija Statistical Analysis of Medical Data
Šifra kolegija 3421
ECTS 2.0
Status Obavezni kolegij
Izvedba nastave P16/S16/PK16
Izvođači kolegija prof. dr. sc. Mirjana Kujundžić Tiljak, Voditelj predmeta
doc. dr. sc. Slavica Sović, Nastavnik
prof. dr. sc. Zdenko Sonicki, Nastavnik
Studij Medicina (na engleskom jeziku)
Opće napomene o predmetu i organizaciji nastave

This course enables medical students, future medical doctors, for evaluation of their and other’s work by professionally and scientifically based statistical and analytical procedures.

Students will be able to create simple design for real research by themselves in due to improve the quality of their practical work.

Medical students will acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes for critical reading of professional and scientific medical literature. They will learn to identify different statistical-analytical models in medical research. They will be able to understand evidence based medicine. Students will be trained for correct use of indicators in health and vital statistics. Students will be also able to critically analyze applied statistical methods, presentation of results and conclusions in papers published in medical journals.

Struktura predmeta

Lectures (L):     16 hours

Seminars (S):   16 hours

Practicals (P):   16 hours

Total:              48 hours

Plan i satnica

All lectures, seminars and practicals will take place at Andrija Štampar School of public health, Rockefellerova 12.

The attendance is obligatory to all lectures, seminars and lab works.

Students are advised to contact teachers whenever they have any problems connected to the course.

Provjera znanja

Students will be evaluated during seminars and practicals.

B. Types of examination and examination dates

Students will be evaluated during seminars and practicals.

Final examination at the end of the course will be taken by test and oral examination.

Regular terms







Additional terms

  1. At the end of the course


Nastavno štivo

A. Text book

  1. Petrie A, Sabin C. Medical Statistics at a Glance (2nd Ed). Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd, 2005.
  2. Altman DG. Practical statistics for medical research. London. Chapman & Hall, 1991.

B. Additional readings

  1. http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~mb55/pubs/pbstnote.htm Statistics Notes in BMJ
  2. http://www.bmj.com/collections/statsbk/index.shtml Statistics at Square One, Ninth Edition, TDV Swinscow, Revised By M J Campbell, University of Southampton, Copyright BMJ Publishing Group 1997)
  3. http://www.statstoft.com/textbook/stathome.html (Electronic Stiatistics Textbook - StatSoft)
  4. Glantz SA. Primer of biostatistics (4th ed). New York: McGraw Hill, 1997.
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