Naziv kolegija First Aid
Šifra kolegija 3053
ECTS 1.0
Status Obavezni kolegij
Izvedba nastave P4/S2/PK9
Izvođači kolegija izv. prof. dr. sc. Dinko Tonković, Voditelj predmeta
dr. sc. Lana Videc Penavić, Nastavnik
dr. sc. Jana Kogler, Nastavnik
Marinko Vučić, dr. med., Nastavnik
Ante Penavić, dr. med., Nastavnik
Dragan Mihaljević, dr. med., Nastavnik
Martina Čalušić, dr. med., Nastavnik
Ileana Lulić, dr. med., Nastavnik
Magdalena Palian, dr. med., Nastavnik
Morana Tomičić, dr. med., Nastavnik
Željko Drvar, Nastavnik
Renata Curić Radivojević, dr. med., Nastavnik
dr. sc. Robert Baronica, Nastavnik
dr. sc. Željko Čolak, Nastavnik
doc. dr. sc. Ante Sekulić, Nastavnik
doc. dr. sc. Mirjana Mirić, Nastavnik
doc. dr. sc. Eleonora Goluža, Nastavnik
doc. dr. sc. Daniela Bandić Pavlović, Nastavnik
izv. prof. dr. sc. Mladen Perić, Nastavnik
Studij Medicina (na engleskom jeziku)
Opće napomene o predmetu i organizaciji nastave

To provide students theoretical knowledge and practical skills in BLS

To teach students to recognize a situation in which BLS is appropriate

To recognize the need for the EMS system activation

To use and AED for the adult victim and the child victim (older than 8 years)

To provide effective ventilation ( chest rises following use of mouth-to-mouth, mouth to mask, mouth to barrier devices and bag –mask ventilation)

To provide effective chest compressions that genetare a palpable pulse

To perform BLS in pregnant women

To perform BLS in near-drowning victim

To perform all skills in manner that is safe for the victim, rescuer and bystanders

Struktura predmeta


Provjera znanja

Prerequisite to take the exam is 80% in class attendance (12 school hours) or more. 

Knowledge examination consists of practical colloquium on mannequin (the last day after last practical) and a written exam with 30 questions. We kindly ask all of the students to be very well prepared for practical colloquium on the last day of the course. 

For all exam terms students need to apply through STUDOMAT.

Exam terms:

1st exam term: October 10th, 2018

2nd exam term: November 19th 2018

3rd exam term: 

4th exam term: 

Nastavno štivo

Obligatory :  Jerry P. Nolana,∗, Jasmeet Soarb, David A. Zidemanc, Dominique Biarentd, Leo L. Bossaerte,Charles Deakinf, Rudolph W. Kosterg, Jonathan Wyllieh, Bernd Böttigeri,on behalf of the ERC Guidelines  Writing Group: European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2015. Resuscitation 81 (2015).

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