Naziv kolegija Environmental and Occupational Health
Šifra kolegija 3225
ECTS 5.0
Status Obavezni kolegij
Izvedba nastave P12/S45/KL18
Izvođači kolegija prof. dr. sc. Ksenija Vitale, Voditelj predmeta
Roko Žaja, dr. med., Nastavnik
Rea Janda, Nastavnik
doc. dr. sc. Milan Milošević, Nastavnik
dr. sc. Hana Brborović, Nastavnik
izv. prof. dr. sc. Iskra Alexandra Nola, Nastavnik
Studij Medicina (na engleskom jeziku)
Opće napomene o predmetu i organizaciji nastave

The undergraduate course in Environmental and Occupational Health aims at the following:

  • introducing the students to the principles, rationales and basic approaches exercised within Environmental and Occupational Health frame
  • introducing the students to a variety of environmental and occupational health hazards, and to the particulars of their global, local and individual impact, as well as to the methods of their recognition and both qualitative and quantitative characterisation
  • introducing the students to preventive, curative and educational/health-promoting activities undertaken to the goal of ALARA (i.e. to the goal of keeping hazardous exposures As Low As Reasonable Achievable)
  • introducing the students to the methods of risk identification, risk assessment, and successful risk management along with risk communication, shedding some light also on major economic, socio-political, and regulatory issues relevant for the context

In line with the foregoing, the course attendants are expected to be familiar with the basics of human anatomy, physiology and patho-physiology, as well as clinical medicine disciplines. 

Struktura predmeta

Lectures (L)                : 12

Seminars (S)    :            45

Practical (P)     :            18

Total:                          : 75

Plan i satnica

Lectures and seminars will take place in School of Public Health “A. Štampar”

Laboratory work and demonstrations will take place in the units of Department of environmental and occupational health:

  • Laboratory for water and balneology,
  • Center for promotion health at work and
  • WHO collaborative center for occupational health.

all at School of Public Health “A. Štampar”

Practicals will take place at various primary health centers in Zagreb, and environmental hot spots.

Provjera znanja

Types of examination and examination dates

During the course students are expected to complete seminars, case studies or essays depending on given topic, which will be graded. Without seminar completion students cannot accede to the written exam.

The exam is to be taken orally. The three exam components are going to be validated on an equity basis, so that the student will be graded based on written seminar, and oral exam.

Regular terms



February            2016


Additional terms

 March          2016

Nastavno štivo

A.  Obligatory

01. Textbook: selected topics from:

Rom WN, Markowitz S (eds). Environmental and Occupational Medicine. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins : 2006. Available at: http://www.snz.hr/~mmilosev/ENVOCCM.zip<http://www.snz.hr/%7Emmilosev/ENVOCCM.zip>

American Academy of Pediatrics: Pediatric Environmental Health – selected topics

B. Additional

Additional readings as suggested by lecturers

Handouts and exercise materials prepared by the lecturers 

Izvedbeni plan PDF