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Medical Informatics
c/o Andrija Štampar School of Public Health, Medical School, University of Zagreb
Rockefellerova 4, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
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Croatian Society for Medical Informatics (CSMI) was founded in 1989.
Since 1992 CSMI has been a member of
EFMI - European Federation for Medical Informatics and
IMIA - International Medical Informatics Association

CSMI Statute (in Croatian) - Statut Hrvatskog društva za medicinsku informatiku

IMIA Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals see here - Croatian Translation is available here (PDF, 106 kB)
Hrvatski prijevod IMIA-inog Etičkog kodeksa za medicinske/zdravstvene informatičare dostupan je ovdje (PDF, 106 kB)

Recommendations of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
on education in health and medical informatics.
Methods Inf Med. 2000;39:267-77.

For Croatian translation (PDF, 289 kB) please click here or use right mouse button to download the file.
Za hrvatski prijevod (PDF, 289 kB) kliknite ovdje ili desnim gumbom na mišu za spremanje datoteke.

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Meetings and Events:

Coming Events:  
7th Symposium of the Croatian Society for Medical Informatics
will be held in Rijeka on October 21, 2005
  • Official languages are Croatian and English
  • Deadline for paper submission is September 1, 2005
  • Competition for students - the best student paper will be awarded!

Detailed information, Registration Form and Instructions for Authors are available at

Past Events:  

Poziv na radionicu
"Norma HL7 - osnove i primjena u hrvatskom zdravstvu"

koja će se održati 29.siječnja 2004. na Fakultetu Elektrotehnike i računarstva s početkom u 8,30 (Crna vijećnica)
Pozivnica   Pozivnica MS Word   Pozivnica Adobe PDF    Prijavnica   Pozivnica MS Word   Pozivnica Adobe PDF
Podružnica HL7 Hrvatska i suorganizatori: Hrvatsko društvo za medicinsku i biološku tehniku, Hrvatsko društvo za medicinsku informatiku, Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Medicinski fakultet

Nakon radionice održat će se godišnja Skupština Podružnice HL7 Hrvatska također u Crnoj vijećnici Fakulteta Elektrotehnike i računarstva
s početkom u 14 sati
Pozivnica za Skupštinu   Pozivnica MS Word   Pozivnica Adobe PDF

International Joint Meeting EuroMISE2004
Prague, April 12-15, 2004
IMIA Working Conference on Statistical Methodology in Bioinformatics and Clinical Trials
and three other symposia will run in parallel on April 13-14:
Symposium on Biomedical Informatics and Biomedical Statistics Education
Symposium on Computerized Guidelines and Protocols
EFMI Symposium on Electronic Health Record, Healthcare Registers and Telemedicine

On Thursday, April 15, the full day satellite workshop
RTD Potential in Central and Eastern Europe for Building Information Society in Healthcare
will be organized.
MEDINFO 2004, 11th World Congress on Medical Informatics
will be held in San Francisco, California, USA, September 7-11, 2004
Organizer:    Host:  
Yearly Assembly to be held on December 18, 2003
Poziv za godišnju Skupštinu koja će se održati 18. prosinca 2003. u 14 sati
i stručni sastanak nakon Skupšitne.
Tema stručnog sastanka je "BioNET aplikacija: Softver u biokemijskom laboratoriju"
6th Symposium of the Croatian Society for Medical Informatics
held in Zagreb, November 26, 2003

Final Announcement and Programme is available in PDF (122 kB)
and in MS Wotrd RTF form  (16 kB)

HL7 HIT - Health Insurence in Transition, 6th International Conference
held in Dubrovnika, October 9-13, 2003
and includes as one of its 14 modules Module 10
HL7 – International Communication Standard in Healthcare
Meeting of the Croatian Society for Medical Informatics
professional session and lecture on topic
Delivery of clinical lab findings to the external users by e-mail
Authors: Kristina Brkić and Mladen Petrovečki
June 30, 2003 in Dubrava Clinical Hospital, lecture room 8, 2nd floor
Call for attendance is available here (PDF 173 kB)

Radionica HL7 "KOMUNIKACIJSKA NORMA HL7"    Pozivnica   Pozivnica MS Word   Pozivnica Adobe PDF
Ministarstvo zdravstva Republike Hrvatske i suorganizatori
HL7 Hrvatska
Hrvatsko društvo za medicinsku i biološku tehniku
Hrvatsko društvo za medicinsku informatiku
Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva

16. travnja 2003. s početkom u 9 sati
Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Zagreb, Unska 3, (Crna vijećnica)

St. Malo
Medical Informatics Europe 2003
held on 4-7 May, 2003 in St. Malo, France

Preliminary programme is avalable at Conference web-sites
moto     moto of the Conference
On the occasion of 75th anniversary of Andrija Štampar School of Public Health

Andrija Štampar School of Public Health, Croatian Academic and Research Network and Croatian Society for Medical Informatics
have organized Conference E-Health & E-Education
which was held on September 25, 2002, starting at 11 AM
at Faculty for Electrical Engeneering and Computer Science, Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia

Conference Topics were:

  1. ICT in everyday communication between health providers, health consumers and medical student mutually as well as medical students and their teachers
  2. ICT in education for medical students as well as continuing education for physicians
  3. ICT in health care

Please click for the Conference programme (MS Word) (Croatian version is available as well)
Abstracts of all presentations are included in a CSMI Bulletin, Vol. 12, No. 1 together with an editorial written by Prof. Gjuro Deželić and available in MS Word and PDF form.

Informations and Abstracts from past symposia of the Croatian Society for Medical Informatics are available here.

Members of the CSMI Board:

Gjuro Deželić, Ph.D., Professor,   e-mail:

Vice president,
EFMI representative,
IMIA representative:
Josipa Kern, Ph.D., Professor,   e-mail:

Mira Hercigonja-Szekeres, M.Sc.,   e-mail:

Inge Heim, M.D., Ph.D.,   e-mail:

Chief Editor of the CSMI Bulletin:
Silvije Vuletić, M.D., Ph.D., Professor,   e-mail:

It has about 100 members: physicians and others who work with theoretical or practical aspects of medical information technologies. The aim of CSMI is to compile and disseminate knowledge in medical informatics, and to promote research and use of health information system. CSMI organizes professional and scientific meetings. Recently, two working groups were established: The Society publishes a bulletin with papers of our members, and relevant information two times a year.

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